As our customer environment needs are wide-ranging, we provide the optimal state depending on the situation.

We shall introduce some solutions below.

Flow analysis software

Super fast speed Casting simulation

This is simulation software (Package software) for the fluidity, solidification and casting deformation of melted metals in the various casting processes (sand mold casting, die-casting).

This enables not only visualization of the filling process inside the casts (molds), but also simple prediction of misruns, cold shut boundary defects, and gas entrainment.

It is also simple to simulate shrinkage defects inside the molds from completion of filling to solidification, at high speeds and with high accuracy.

This makes it possible for even inexperienced operators to predict defects, and consider the optimal casting plan (runner design).
The features of JSCAST are to provide high-precision analysis, high-speed analysis, and reliable support.


"Products of DIRECT21" for die-cast molding

We propose a wide range of

① Cavity direct valve systems
② New localized pressure systems
③ Consulting

for die-cast molding.

In particular, ② New localized pressure systems are installed between the core units and localized pressure cylinders of legacy devices, and enable stability in operating flow rate, in which the performance of pressure-compensation valves are maximized. It also provides reliable quality control by managing the stroke history.



On the production site such as die-casting, molding, processing and inspecting,this system can contribute to performance improvements through automation (Manpower reduction).

In the most die-casting factories, the unnecessary parts of post-processes such as overflow and runner are automated, thus reducing workload.


Electrostatic application system

An effective method of increasing the releasability required in diecast molding, is to apply releasing spray to the mold.
When spraying with a Robot spray or a Lifting spray device, many sprays have traditionally used “water soluble mold release agents”.
However, we are providing an electrostatic application system, paying attention to both environmental considerations and the achievement of spraying with small amounts (for cost reduction).

Utilizing the benefits of electrostatic power lines will increase benefits in narrow areas and places where it is hard to apply.

Water quality improvement device

Some difficult issues in die-cast and injection molding plants are red rusts, scales, slimes and contaminations etc. from a wide variety of cooling circulation systems for heat exchange devices, such as molds, oil coolers, releasing agents, and temperature control chiller water compressors etc.

There are various measures that can be taken against those, such as water softening, Ro water purification devices and the like, chemical feeders, and chemical screening, however, each of those may have both advantages and disadvantages, and also have side effects in terms of prevention and treatment.

Our specialist electrolyzer is the only device that improves the circulating water, making it antioxidant functional water, and prevents the generation of and treats waste products simultaneously.
As the waste water is safe and electricity is lowered to AC24V, its energy saving effects also can be visualized.