Industrial Infrastructure

We are providing electrical equipment materials required by each buildings, such as power generation plants, company buildings, and factories etc. Additionally, recently, we have been actively engaged in products that are kind to the environment, and pipelines manufactured with plastic raw materials.
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Electrical Facility Materials

We are preparing electrical equipment materials and plant materials, based on pipelines required for construction, and cable-related items.

Popular 3 Kinds


Fire Facility

FT-3 FT-3-S EM-FT-8-C(D・T・Q) (HP・FP)

Harness Branch for Bldg.

Harness Cable for Tunnel and Bldg.

Power Supply and Distribution Equipment

Bus Duct (Power Feed for Mobile Unit)

Intermediate Connection Material (Tape etc.)

Cell pack resin infusion, Pull fit tube, Quick Efco (Insulator tape)

Others upon request

Emergency supplies, Aluminum Worked Products

Pipeline Materials

We are handling a variety of pipelines, according to their place of usage and purposes, such as FEP pipes (round, square), resin troughs (green troughs), and polyethylene water pipes (Aqualex).

Flexible Pipe, Underground Tube

Plastic Flex Eflex

Trough, Water Pipe

Green Trough (Resin made recycle trough), Aqualex (Polyethylene water supply tube)

Optical line construction unit

We are providing devices for optical works.

Optical termination box (Splice box), Fusion tray

Optical fiber fusion connector, Stripper

Optical fiber coupler, WDM coupler, Optical demultiplexer

Circular waterways

(SHINKO KOZAI Dealer) Circular waterways(SK gutters)are circular gutters with continuous openings, that are able to quickly and reliably drain rainwater on pavements and road surfaces. We are preparing functional and safe circular waterways that consider the creation of the new urban landscape.