Industrial Machines

Sango is providing a full range processes of production facilities related to the casting/molding of aluminum and resin, for companies manufacturing parts of production/marketing for car industry group players, supporting automobile-centered Japan, also for companies manufacturing production machines upholding those production activities.

Nowadays, there is a focus on equipment for automation and environmental improvements in the field of IoT systems and robot engineering, with the aim of improving production to grasp traceability in the mobility fields.

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Die-casting Facilities

We are offering casting equipment utilized in aluminum, zinc, and magnesium products.

We can provide optimal production facilities across all processes – Material dissolution → Mold casting → Product removal → Deburring → Machining → Inspection → Finishing.

Die-casting Machines

Die-casting Machines and other options

Machine Options

Hot water supply device (Genuine item or Robot)
Spray device system (Reciprocating Servo Robot)
Extraction device (Genuine, Independent, Robot)
Production Management System

Melting Furnace

Centralized melting furnace
Melting retention furnace
Retention furnace
Crucible furnace
Automatic hot water supply device
Heat-treatment furnace (Small / large)

Conveyor・Burr Removing・Polishing

Shot blast machine
High speed punch system
Deburring / polishing automation equipment
Press machine
Various conveyors
Bishamon and others

Mold Related Products

Electrostatic Coating System
Small Application System
Release Agent Dilution Pumping Device
Plunger Lubricator / Plunger Pellet Lubricator
Temperature and Flow Control System (Thermoflow Watcher)
Mold Clamp System
Magnet Clamp System (C board, etc.)
Part Cooling Device
Part Pressurization Compensation Unit
Vacuum Device
PF Device
Half Solidification System
Mold Reversing Machine
Electric Die Spotting Press
Discharge Coating Device
Mold Temperature Controller

Cleaning Equipment・Impregnation Device

Dry Ice Blasting Machine
Floor Washer
Processed Product Washing Machine
Laser Washing Machine
Invasion Device

Supplies for Injection

Plunger Sleeve
Plunger Tip (Thermal Spraying, etc.)
Piston Ring
Plunger Rod
Plunger Lubricant
Plunger Pellets
Hydraulic Oil
Coating Agent

Supplies for Furnace

Graphite crucible
Fire pot material
Cast iron crucible
Ingot case
Protection Pipe
Cast iron furnace lid
Immersion heater
Scrap removal
Flux agent
Heavy oil burner
Gas burner

Supplies for Mold and Processing

Release Agent
Spray Cassette
Spray Nozzle (Including Atomizer)
Extrusion Pin
Return Pin
Guide Pin
Guide Push
Temperature Controller
Temperature Recorder
Surface Thermometer
Copper Pipe
Shot Blasting Material
Alkaline Cleaning and Decomposing Agent
Cutting Oil

Processing facilities

We are providing full range of facilities for processes used in process machining, such as post-casting processing and mold processing.

Processing Machines

Machining Center
NC Milling Machine
NC Lathe
Multi-axis Drilling Machine
Tapping Machine
Electric Discharge Machine
Laser Processing Machine

Automation Systems

IoT System
Processing Line System

Supplies and Peripheral Devices

Touring and Other Consumables
Processing Washing Machine
Mist Countermeasure Product
Temperature Control Equipment

Inspection facilities

We provide optimal facilities for testing, such as visual inspection tests and internal cavity inspections etc., that are essential process for the quality assurance.

X-Ray Non-destructive Inspection Device

X-ray Transmission Device

Temperature Measuring Devices

Mold Surface Thermometer

Surface Measuring Devices

CNC 3D Measuring Machine

Manufacturing Management system

Those systems, automation of daily manufacturing reports, traceability, and flow analysis of casting / resin molding are widely available to customize on your needs.

Robot Engineering

We provide consultation on equipment for the automation of die-casting and resin molding, moreover Burring,

Plastic Molding Equipment

We can propose the best Total production solution customized your needs. Saving labor on post-processes requiring human resource, as well as automation systems, are widely proposed.

Injection Molding Machines

Various kinds of Injection Molding Machines

Peripheral Equipment

Product Take-out Robot
Mold Temperature Controller
Material Dryer
Conveyor etc.

Automation and Labor-saving System

We propose Automation and Labor saving equipment.


Factory Monitoring Software
Flow Analysis Software
Various Measuring Instruments

Electronic Component Mounting Equipment

We handle several kinds of implementation devices ( such as JUKI) for supporting fine-grained requirements from customers.

Utility Facilities

We propose the optimized utility facilities, such as compressors and cooling towers, for a number of manufacturing factories.