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We are committed to provide optimal production equipment, consumables, production materials, construction materials, etc., as well as existing highly regarded products, moreover develop and provide new value together with our customers.

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UV AIR CLEANER from Australia (Upon your request, wide-range of cost effective & good condition machines are available.)

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Business Activity about Sango Corporation

The Sales department is an aggregate of business planning. We are currently in our 70th year since founding. Starting with the sale of cable covering materials, we have been engaged in the sale of power lines and industrial machinery (Resin molding machine,Die-casting machine and,Machine tool).

Responding to recent customer demand, with the manpower reduction flow, we have been providing one-stop production lines with robot engineering. With the traceability flow, we are gradually changing our products to wide-ranged those suited to the provision of IOT systems.

The sales department are providing a broad range of products based on their contact with customers, and the whole company is making daily effort together to pursue the optimal solution for our customers. This is true not only in our work but also in our quest for life.

We are aiming to be a unique company providing systems and products, creating new era of manpower reduction and IoT.

Main business service:

[1] General sales and engineering for factory equipment.
[2] Proposals and sales, for production materials and functional products, for manufacturing as well as construction industries.
[3] System sales, such as IOT and flow analysis etc.